About Me!

Facts about yours truly:

1. I'm a Taurus.
2. I have two hairless cats and they don't like alarm clocks.
2a. They ARE the alarm clocks.
3. I have a little girl named Loki.
4. She farts.
5. A lot.
6. I write books for Middle Graders because they're the coolest readers.
7. My subject matter is all about animals and kids.
8. Possums are better than rats.
9. My debut, POSSUM SUMMER, is being published by the fantabulous Holiday House publishers.
10. My husband is fabulous.
11. I have great writer friends.
12. I will write three books for every one my agent determines fits my 'brand'.
13. I write really, really fast.
14. I draw.
15. I volunteer at my local indie bookstore.
16. I dress my daughter in pink, even though I swore I never would.
17. She looks cute in it.
18. I speak English with an accent, German pretty authentically, Spanish badly and French with a lisp.
19. My agent is made of PURE MAD AWESOME BRILLIANCE.
20. If you like me, buy my book. If you don't like me, buy it anyway. The possums will thank you.